Ikonic Records Launches Globally in July 2012 – Submissions Wanted

The Overview

In these days of harsh economic realities the independent artist has to work harder than ever in the DIY world to make an impact or be taken seriously. Well not anymore. What if there was a way to test the market place by embracing the old school medium of radio to see what reaction you could garner from the market before you went all out and put it all on the line and released your album. There is and it’s a proven process that guarantees results. Now there is no crystal ball to look into in order to see the extent of your success but this brings it pretty close because it streamlines a once over complicated system.

The Partnership

Ikonic Artists has gone from strength to strength since it’s launch in the UK in July 2011. The global expansion has seen output deals signed with Converg TV for global broadcast, Write Stuff Music for international licensing, Music Samurai for local licensing, FX and A&E Cable channels for music supervision and a number of features including some Hollywood blockbusters that have yet to be released. Coupled with the release and distribution deal signed with Musik and Film in the US it seemed logical that the next step was to launch our own label with serious digital and physical distribution and point of sale press and advertising. Not since the launch of DEAD Famous Records back in 1995 where the label successfully ran an international roster of talent and partnered with Koch Music, Universal (USA) / Fontana¬† / Universal (Canada),¬† Genepool / Universal (UK), Iceberg / SPK / EMI (Europe)¬† and MGM in Australia and New Zealand. The website did over 2 million hits in a 24 month period before we sold our brand and stock to Modular in NY. Coupled with our successful media and television arm we made a name that is still talked about today. Here we are at a cross roads in music (8) years down the track and we thought it was the perfect time to do it all again….. but with the right partners this time. (more…)


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