Alchemy Of Grace Online Course

This unique course consists of 12 video modules that simply improve the health, wealth and vitality of your life.

Welcome and greetings to the first introductory module course of the Alchemy of Grace brought to you by the 7th Sense team & Golden Life Wisdom Productions. We have endeavored to strip away the remaining attachment, to the toxic residue that is left over from the dissolving of the third density matrix. The third density holographic reality that you and I have been predominantly working and living within has recently dissolved because of the spike in the Schumann resonance, because of the greater concentration and intensified nature of the Photon energy around the planet, and the fact that humanity has been through three major eclipses and a number of major portal gateways that has led us to leave the third density Duality experience behind and move seamlessly and lovingly into this Fifth Density abundant Timeline. The Alchemy of Grace, the deeper and closer connection to the Divine is predominantly based around the ancient and sacred Hermetic principle;

“That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracle of one only thing.

We endeavor, through these 12 video modules, to strip away the conditionality, the co-dependency, the programmed nature of living life through a distorted filter. Offering cosmic origin, innovation and art as it relates to the higher frequency of music as a language. This is an incredible building block to help you develop a deeper understanding of the higher octave of your true self, your connection to the hive mind, the building of your seventh sense and a deeper and more sensitive aligned perception of your planer reality. The more available you become to understanding your telepathic abilities and your potential to tap into a more expansive consciousness, having woken up from the amnesia of what is known as the reversed one, the more present and available you will be in manifesting your life.
Alchemists Celestine Star and Michael A Puskas go into great detail in an effort to breakdown these negative aspects so YOU can emerge on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, a more healthy, happy and blissful individual working in a larger, concentrated and collective conscious space. If someone was to say, “What does the deeper understanding and one’s closer connection to God really have in common to cosmic origin, innovation and art?” The simple answer could be living light of heart in a bubble of joy, grounded in gratitude and in greater service to others.

The more that you elevate your external expression and action to supporting other people and their journey, the more heightened, more sensitive and more connected you become to your true and higher self, liberated and becoming the “affector” and not the “affected” of your human destiny. And the ancient ancestors, our ancestral lineage, understood that better than anyone.
The hermetic principles that were employed by our ancient ancestors had a deeper connectivity to the higher octave of self-expression in the external. Where we can collapse our wave function into the most lucid state of conscious expansion and not collapse it into a particle wave duality form that is always embodied in the particle of fear. Dispel the myth of fear by learning to understand that everything that you need not want but need to advance to liberate yourself lies within your heart space. We will draw great attention to what are known as the six heart virtues and the way that they converge, collapse, amplify and express the Greater Central Sun of the human heart. We will focus on Frequency, higher octaves of vibration and the way that we can sense dissonance in any moment of our interaction with third parties, to societal influence, to the larger smokescreen, on the social media platform.

If you feel ready to explore the deeper Hermetic principles and implement these ancient Shamanic practices into your life then please feel free to book a one on one consultation with me personally below?

Reclaiming the Shadow (Consultation by Donation)

Smartphones are portals to the lower Astral realm. It’s not a sentient technology so it doesn’t support our growth and development. The more you suppress your need to be active on the screen the less the darker realms rob you of your sovereign power. The darker agenda takes you out of the now (the living moment) and into someone else timeline and subsequent exposure to their trauma.
Black mirror technology suppresses our desire to want to reclaim our shadow. Distraction and diversion is the means by which to implement this agenda by feeding off the emotional energy of our species. Facebook is an addiction portal to dark energetic expressions that keep you locked into the Zombie control program. You made a promissory contract with the creators of this AI predictive technology to use the service everyday. What is missing so strongly in your life that you think you even need that? These questions and so many more can be answered simply with a one on one Alchemy Blueprint consultation with me.

This will be a five week course intensive along with support tools to help you attain neutral buoyancy in the unified field of connection to the Divine. Our objective is simple. To discover and sustain how to live light of heart in a bubble of joy, grounded in gratitude in greater service to the mirror of self. By consciously choosing to do so knowing doing the mirror reflects all… so you are in greater service to others.

The Quantum human expression video below explains in detail with examples exactly what I mean by this. This is not currently available anywhere on the web.