Mike Puskas is a seasoned producer, label owner, publishers and tour manager with 28 years of professional experience.

Michael A Puskas has a proven twenty eight year track record in the international entertainment industry and is the CEO and owner of Astral Records & Music, DEAD Famous Artists and MPM Artist Management in Australia and around the world. Astral Records & Music Publishing is the holding company for the new youth brand and label, DEAD Famous Records and is a boutique label with an internationally based artist roster that boasts some twenty plus artists released worldwide from all over the globe.

In addition he was formerly published by Warner/Chappell in Scandinavia and is now a published writer and composer with MCS Music in the UK http://www.mcsmusic.com He is also proud of a strong and well established track record in music production for both artists and film and television scores. His most recent credits include music supervisor roles on Partisan Pictures latest feature, “Shattered” and “A Perfect Life” which is in post production for Lions Gate Films in the US. He was also commissioned by Taffy Entertainment / Mike Young Productions based in LA to write and produce the opening theme for the new US animated children’s television series for Discovery Kids & Nickelodeon Worldwide entitled, “Growing up Creepie”. This cutting edge series is currently airing on ABC TV on the prime time kids format “Rollercoaster” and has been recently syndicated around the world. NEWSFLASH…Growing Up Creepie has been nominated for a prime time Emmy Award in 2007.

In addition he produced some (75) plus original songs and demos for various local and international artists in various studios around the world. Some of these productions have been licensed into major Feature Film, Television and Advertising platforms around the world. These include without limitation the OC (WB), One Tree Hill (ABC), Greys Anatomy (CBS), Smallville (WB), The Horse Whisperer (Bravo), Room Raiders, Dismissed, Meet the Barkers, Punkd, Making the Band (MTV Networks), Oxygen (Clear Channel Cable), NRB (Fox Sports), XTV (Network Ten), The Cathouse (HBO), Shall We Dance (Universal Pictures), Fantastic Four (New Line Cinema), Audi (Germany), Pedia Medical Research (US), Barbie Horse Adventures (US), Ford Australia, Virgin Airlines (UK), Foxtel Cable Channel, Masters Of Horror (Cable Series / Showtime Networks) and many more.

Michaels major partners and associates around the world include without limitation, APM Music, Indie911 Licensing, Blue Buddha Entertainment (US), Pump Audio NY (US), Music Supervisor.com (US), Flashpoint Productions (UK), Lucki Ent / Top Talent (US), 20th Century Fox (US), Buena Vista Home Video (US), HBO (US), CBS / Paramount Television, NBC / Universal Television, Warner Bros Television, Viva Music Networks (Europe), MTV/VH1 Networks (US), Partisan Pictures (Aust), Sinovoi Entertainment (US), Rafelson Media (US), Channel 4 (UK), WMA (US), PIG Factory (UK), Warner/Chappell Music (Scandinavia), Spirit Music (US), IAC Music (US), Sound & Vision (US), Teletunez / Warner Bros TV (US) etc.

Most recently Michael has signed on as Music Supervisor for the new children’s fantasy style series entitled, “Callabar Stoneage Warrior” which is slated for production for a national network in Australia in the latter half of 2008. He also confirmed the role of music supervisor on the Partisan Pictures feature, “Shattered” which is in post production for the company and seeking both domestic and international distribution at the moment. For more visit the websites. In recent times he has been approached by some Hollywood Studios in the capacity of Music Supervisor and Composer for Gramercy Pictures, Regency Enterprises, Parallel Pictures, New Line Cinema among others. He works as a producer in various studios around the world and is known for his co-writing, arranging and production skills where his work with various labels has earned him some quality nominations in various markets around the globe.

He has most recently partnered with Platinum Producer, Stuart Epps (led Zeppelin, Elton John, Bill Wyman, Oasis, Twisted Sister) etc and continues to field offers for his skills having just recently returned from the UK again where he was responsible for the production and mixing of major albums and singles for, Amelia Bloom, The Art Nova and Danni Evie. Having worked along side David Wrench (Wales producer of the year in 2007) and Laurie Gane, ex Yardbirds and owner of the prestigious Bryn Derwen Studios in Bethesda Wales. Most recently he has returned from (6) months OS where he was working in the US, UK and Europe and produced release albums for, Sharron Levy (UK), Elle Carpenter (US)< Penny Nicholls (UK) and a number of Disney tunes with acclaimed engineer/producer Jim West in LA. He continues to field new offers and develop the careers of many a quality artist for release to the worldwide stage. To check out his personal profiles onn My Space and Top Line Melody go to the links below.



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