The name says it all. This is the spirit inspired teaser video that presents the first chapter in my second book which is simply entitled, “Loves Initiation into the Shadow-realm” This video is not for the feint of heart or for those in a constant battle with their ego self. That psycho spiritual war has already been won and Mars and Chiron working with Pluto and Neptune over the last 2 years has made certain of that.

This is for the Hermetically minded souls that yearn for a deeper salvation from their own reverse conscious human experience. I hope you all find resonance with this powerful message of purity and truth. The video embodying this insight is shared below.


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Mike Puskas · 2 November 2022 at 8:05 am

A short message to all subscribers past and present. No one really has time anymore these days to write lengthy comments so all I’m asking from here on out if your simply share the post link on your social media and if that’s a hassle to then just give it a thumbs up or down so that others can evaluate the responses to the post themselves. Blessings and love to all…Namaste

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