What is there left after we know in our heart of hearts how rapidly we are failing our planetary initiation into a higher timeline where there is a birthing of a cosmic consciousness that for most is hard to integrate let alone understand. Do we continue to follow the predictable pathway of human evolution to where we find ourselves in a never ending feedback loop of Duality and dissension? How long can we fall from grace everyday to find ourselves embodying the Transhuman experience in the Divergent timeline. This is not where we as a sentient multi dimensional species are heading but where we currently are today. So what can we do to prepare for the battle of the timelines in 2022 and to sustain our deeper connection to god and hold the union of our spirit and soul together? Listen to the hidden gems of re-invention within this transmission to perhaps find answers to the many questions that burn in the fire of spirit for all. It’s never too late to embody your Sovereign Integral.

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