Enough of the holding back. Enough of being PC in an effort to remain part of the collective consciousness. Enough of placating the egos of those ignorant and less informed than some. Enough of the AI manipulation and its nefarious agenda. With the advent of both predictive and intuitive AI the human experience is in a constant state of attack and in particular, the sensory perception of how we perceive our planer reality.

Netflix lead the battle of the streaming service gods and with very subtle assaults on human senses it gradually increases its position as a spearhead of what is now commonly known as the Transhuman agenda. My insight here draws from a recent experience of a new series that challenged the very core of what I believed this new darker player in the chess game of life to actually be. Are we perhaps surrendering to the prowess of the “Queens Gambit” every day of our lives and is our struggle perhaps not with others but with our permission based addiction to technology?

Please feel free to leave a comment on this new series that the Alchemy of Grace is presenting on Humanity2.0 (upgrade to nowhere) P & C 2021 Alchemy of Grace All rights reserved worldwide in perpetuity https://mikepuskas.com/

The Video is also available with some beautiful abstract imagery on YouTube: https://youtu.be/FkwVn0XMrK4

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