How many if us feel right now regardless of our emotional state, our physical state, our spirit (duality) under fire, our relationships manifesting dysfunctional as if we are under water? Your not alone as this is the intensified fall out energy after the solar eclipse in Sagittarius which also signaled the shift in the nodal axis. This energetic shift has been further amplified by Pluto as it squares to Venus and fills our cup to the brim with a good dose of Mars, Pluto, the Sun and Venus all in Capricorn. There is nothing stable or sure footed for the goat in this Stellium of stars making December one of the most turbulent months for emotional breakdown for many years.

So now more than ever we need to find our inner peace and center as we prepare for not only the Summer / Winter Solstice, the rising of the Morning Star but Venus as she stations and prepares to go retrograde for an unprecedented 8 weeks. This shattering of our individual and collective reality will test our relationships during this less than festive season to the nth degree. Watch out for false light and narratives as it pertains to the world stage and look and read between the lines with everything you agree to attach to as it will probably be a further test of your discernment, patience and all out resilience. The darker forces have ramped up of late and are on a mission right now disrupting the natural flow of the unified field and our so called Ascension process.

The most appropriate course of action is to surrender to Pluto and die a good death only to be reborn more aligned, more tuned into the higher harmonic resonance of the Earth by remaining calm, centered and grounded in your Sovereign power.

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