It is the 19th day of November in the year 2021 and it signals the end of the age of Polarity. This full moon eclipse in Taurus is the longest lunar eclipse humanity will experience and lasts for 2.3 hours in both hemispheres of our beautiful Gaia. This is the sign that signals the major shift in the nodal axis. The South Node that has been in Sagittarius will now shift into Scorpio (deeper truth) while the North Node will shift out of Gemini (Polarity) and into the fixed earth of Taurus in 2022. So we are leaving all that has been done behind from the past and into the transitory state of being marked by our present….. NOW.

When we lose sight of our higher guidance and intuition and follow orders (mandates) when it comes to health. It feeds parasitic forces because we are not pushing the release valve and finding our Truth and inner healing power.  If we hold onto programmings or belief systems that are not in alignment with our higher self, we begin to get assimilated into artificial timelines because we have lost connection with the Truth frequency. This Lunar eclipse marks our return to Nature and all she embodies and brings to the heart.

The dates I discuss in the latter half of the audio as it relates to the Mayan Cosmology and the first Katun are listed below for easy reference so you can mark your calendars and always be one step ahead in the knowing of the knowing. Blessings and love to all, the gateless gate is now open and will never close again of don’t let it.

Big dates to pay attention to as 2021 comes to a close and 2022 begins.
11/19/2021 – Lunar Eclipse
12/4/2021 – Solar Eclipse
12/21/2021 – Solstice and the center of the first 20 year KATUN cycle.
12/30/2021 through 1/18/2022 – 20 Core Day Ascension Portal.
(The 20 Core Day Ascension Portal and the center of a Katun cycle are both major flipping points from one reality to another.)

In Mayan cosmology, future cycles will bring more changes and opportunities to uplift humanity. They will arrive in 13 years (on 12/21/2025), 20 years (in 2032), 52 years (in 2064), 65 years (in 2077), 260 years (in 2272), all based from 12/21/2012, the freemake video converter crack ita shift of the ages, 26,000 year date. Our descendants will experience most of these. There are also flipping points in the center of each of these cycles where the past tuneup utilities 2017 full crack is left behind, and we enter a deeper, clearer level in the new 26,000 year cycle.

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