As Pluto prepares to go direct and Mercury hits its hardest retrograde shadow in recent years. With the North node getting ready to leave Gemini and move into the fixed sign of Taurus and with Chiron aspecting the Sun and Aries in our 12th house of secrets we are left wondering what’s next for the collective future. With all the craziness and unrest in the world and with Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health at an all time high it’s never been more important to develop a holistic and self supporting healing regimen to bring the separation of the soul and our estranged spirit back together in a oneness that is supported by the heart.

Everyone of us will be lured to the edge of the Abyss and asked to look deep into the Abyss contemplating the fall. In order to find their center and to know in the knowing of the all what they need to do to remain human and above all an organic life form with their Biofield in tact.

When it’s all said and done. WE (the expression of the We Are) have nothing to apologise for. WE have nothing to forgive in the external and the only need in any given moment is to be able to forgive ourselves and own it. You can’t do that if your in a constant state of duress and emotional overwhelm (fight or flight) so perhaps this insight as it relates to the personal state of an Anti Vaxer torn between Sovereignty and Obligation will attest to the need for a more liberated outlook with courage and resolve as it’s primary driver.

Blessings, love and light to all.

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