How many of us are seeing a type of static overlay on everything we perceive in our planer reality.When we look into the sun these interlacing frames in the static seem to breakdown to moving particles that flow in visible waves. This is just one example of our Third Eye awakening and opening up. Our Third Eye is very connected to the crystalline cosmic channel that our human Chakra system are connected to so when all is in perfect balance the upper Chakra’s assist the lower Chakra’s, our grounding energy and identity to function properly.

By losing touch with our true grounding to spirituality by becoming dependent and co dependent on Technology we weaken and dismiss the power of our Biofield to become more synthetic humans that can more easily interface with modern AI based control technologies. Our organic receptors will repel any type of synthetic vaccine which is looking to attach to a protein receptor in our cells to mutate and change our DNA, which keeps our Bio energetic field safe from infiltration. But if we lose that connection to spirit by mind control programs and AI (internet based frequency infiltration) then we are allowing ourselves to become synthetic humans with no protective Biofield at all. Then the AI programming anbd Vaccines will be able to genetically modify our human genetic makeup which gives permission to the control programs to infiltrate and take us over.

The time is now to deny permission to these anomalous lower Astral energy’s and beings to infect and affect our Bio energetic. Our very Sovereignty as humans is under threat and we fall further and further from the grace of god and the higher Divine realms each day as we cling desperately to the Black Mirror we hold in our hands and project a false reality that has no bearing on our conscious evolution as humans today. The screen is your enemy and we all have the power within our heart space to transmute the flow of negatively charged particle beams emanating from our smart phone now.

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