So here we are on the other side of this full moon in Aquarius and the beginning of the intense Chiron Retrograde and the major shift of permissive based consciousness has been revealed and now unleashed upon us. If it doesn’t look Divine, feel Divine, seem Divine, manifest Divine then it isn’t Divine and you need to have the inherent courage to kick it to the curb. It is our Sovereign right and choice to deny permission or access to our soul experience that helps keep our energy in a neutrally balanced state. This insight is a very intensive look at the deeper human psyche and the way we have become so reactionary to our day to day human experience. Not only has our identity been completely decimated but our whole connection to spirit and staying in that sacred connection has been challenged and manipulated at every level. I truly feel as if a replicant version of our planer reality has been created and that we are now living in the delusion within the delusion within the larger expanse of the delusion itself. The human clone experience is best reflected in the emergence of the Transhuman agenda and the way we are becoming the embodiment of flesh and blood AI Sentinels that are keeping the population and its actions in check. But….there is light at the end of this tunnel and all it takes is to understand that WE are the most powerful living sovereign being on planet earth and that nothing has the right to infect or affect or infiltrate or hijack our energy field if we deny permission to give it access to do so. This is what will become part of the new currency of the earthly experience. Sustainable water is a currency, sovereign energy is a currency and a deeper committed return to spirit is a currency. These are the energetic exchanges that will ensure our species survival and transmuting everything else in the external expression of the world around us will keep us trapped in the lower vibration of accepted and agreed to prison consciousness.

So, what does it take to implement these dimensional laws that govern, “who controls the game” Courage and commitment to the pure essence of who we are…that’s it…nothing more is required. No assumptions, no beliefs, no archetypes, no doctrines, no organised religion and no toxic patterns of language and expression that we draw from the annals of the past. To drive this point deep into the human psyche I will borrow some words of wisdom from my compadre Mark Bell in the UK. Please bear with us as the information shared could well shift your perspective in a big way. If you want to read the full 2 page transcript then leave a comment asking for access?

The Quantum Unified Field – A Cosmological Overview

A scientific universal law is that nature abhors a vacuum, meaning vacuums pull nature apart, destroying it, and then spread the matter as far and wide as possible all in an instant. The sun cannot be a ball of burning hydrogen and Jupiter cannot be a gas giant… in a vacuum. It’s an impossibility.

I think what the enemy is doing is trying to weaponise the spiritual realms – the realms beyond our material one – as this fits with what we know is true: frequency and vibration creates form. Those frequencies have to come from somewhere, and I contend that the higher and lower frequencies both influence our material middle realm. We can choose between the two, depending on which one we allow into ourselves. The lower frequencies are trying to manufacture consent and bully their way in. The fact they’ve amped this up suggests they’re not faring so well or running out of time. They want us photoshop cc 2019 crack looking out there in fear because that means we’re not looking inside. Fear is a low frequency, perfect condition for them to occupy; and if we’re looking out in fear, that means they codigo de ativação razer surround can step inside without being noticed.

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