On the eve of the winter solstice and just after Neptune went retrograde and now has joined, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Chiron and on the 20th Jupiter we are being forced through the eye of the needle to take a look at our lives as it relates directly to our souls journey on the planet. Not all of them will induce the same level of intensity and confusion, anxiety and disconnect though. Retrogrades actually mean something different for each planet in astrology, and it’s important to make that distinction especially as it relates to multi dimensional astrology.

When it comes to the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars), their retrogrades are far more disturbing to your day-to-day life. After all, it’s the inner planets that move much more quickly through the zodiac and tend to have a more intense impact on the short-term aspects of your life. As for the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), their retrogrades are less obvious — sometimes, you barely notice them. This is due to the fact that outer planets are already retrograde for up to half of the time, which means you’re already dealing with their retrogrades for a good portion of the year. The effects of outer planetary retrogrades take a while to process and have a larger impact on your growth over a long period of time.

But when these retrogrades literally combine to stop the sky from moving the human soul notices it and takes heed that this is an illuminated time to be able to release in review all of the soul overlay that has limited and constricted its living potential. The circle of the zodiac, comprised of the 12 astrological signs, represent symbolically the cosmic womb from which our spirit is birthed. In essence, this is an aspect of the virgin birth. On the physical plane, each sign is a stellar constellation that is immense, beyond any physical size we can grasp. Our spirit is birthed from this immensity and co-created with the cosmos the formation of our soul. In other words, we come from this cosmic dimensional space. We are cosmic beings.

To condense the concept of Soul Overlay it might be best described as a circumstance in which an individual becomes host to an external energy, often resulting in some form of deep-rooted trauma. This trauma, if left unresolved, would then go on to cause unhealthy patterns, such as depression, anxiety, alcoholism, addictions and so on. This invasive external energy could be brought about and upon the individual in any number of ways; a traumatic physical experience, such as a car crash, a workplace accident which resulted in the death of another, or an unresolved negative experience in childhood carried forth to adulthood. Worst part of this dimensional based phenomenon is that stays put and will not move on or release itself until you consciously choose to do so. Enjoy the audio and feel free to comment below and ask any questions that crop up as you digest the wisdom on offer.


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