Here we are on the other side of two major eclipses and the summer / winter solstice is just around the corner and along with all the heavy retrograde energy around us right now we have never felt more under the pump to rise to the challenges we face every day….together! This is an initiation and a powerful one at that where every human soul that chose to incarnate at this time has chosen to be here, to be present, to be available to embody the rebirth of the new earth. Can’t you feel it bursting through the delusionary aspects of the external world that continue to play out its control program and agenda? Can’t you feel it getting weaker and weaker by the day as your resolve increases and compassionate strength for yourself becomes your spirit guide and illuminates your way forward.

You are the human stargates. You are the human starlines. You are the very essence of the stardust itself and your unlimited power to inter dimensional shift your perception to a higher octave of human expression is here right now. Embrace it, be3come the BE-AM and hold to the highest by intentionally pushing out of the HEAD and back in to the HEART. The solar sun shift and prayer at the end of this insight will help you ground that part of the sun itself to shine more brightly from the core of who you are than ever before. The chant is sacred, the frequency is pure and the intention is co creation with the creator itself. Here we go…all together now….become the SUN.


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