During this heavy planetary retrograde energy where we have Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Chiron and soon Neptune all in Retrograde while Saturn squares very closely to Uranus we are being asked to review and reflect on who we are and how we express ourselves to one another. For me and many in the world the dissonance we feel in modern language is becoming more and more apparent in the way we communicate with each other.

I think older languages can grant access to knowledge and information via their natural frequencies when spoken – this would be why “They” created many modern languages and translated old texts into, say, English; it cuts out the natural resonance of the original language and therefore some intrinsic knowledge and information is well and truly lost in the process..

The more I return to the original language of my ancestral lineage, the more perspectives and concepts come to mind on otherwise overlooked or absent ideas. The Irish and Hungarian language really lends to both the material and spiritual aspects of life, highlighting a separation between the two but also where and how the two connect, in relation to the spirit, soul, and physical bodies. Written original language whether it be clay tablets, Cuneiform text and Hieroglyphics etc conveys a lot more understanding than its English translation, but spoken Gaelic or Irish for example is leaps and bounds beyond the English comprehension of our existence. In my understanding een spoken English has its limitations for concept and perspective. So to conclude there’s much more to sound / frequency than the written word can ever convey, useful as it is for most people on the planet.


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