Finding a way to maintain and sustain our spiritual connection to the Divine realms is a challenging and difficult task at best. But tuning our Biofield or vibrational field with the Alchemy of sound and frequency helps us to ground an easy process to promote greater health, balance and vitality. It all starts with the human mind and it ends up in the harmonic resonance of the heart. This powerful model of Consciousness presented by Karen Newell is a really great way to understand the elevated landscape of our conscious planer reality and the enclosed meditation is one of the best I have ever come across so its thoroughly recommended to download this episode and use it frequently to manage your inner being and health.

Entraining the Brain
Whenever you play a rhythm that matches a brainwave state the brain synchronizes to it. Each brainwave state has specific benefits:

Gamma – 30 – 100 Hz. High state of meditation. Bliss. Synchronize the whole brain.

Beta – 13 – 30 Hz. Thinking and processing. Extremely effective for overcoming ADD/ADHD.

Alpha – 7 – 13 Hz. Relaxed presence. Creative problem solving. Good for learning and sports.

Theta – 3.5 – 7 Hz. Relaxation. Dream state. Creative downloads. Reprogramming the subconscious mind. Oneness.

Delta – .5 – 3.5 Hz. Deep sleep and Meditation.

Epsilon – <.5 Hz. Deep meditation and hypnogogic states.

When you listen to 2 frequencies that are close to each other you will hear a difference frequency. If you listen to 100 Hz. and 104 Hz., you will hear a rhythm of 4 cycles per second. This rhythm entrains the brain into the brainwave states above.

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