I’m not easily spooked as most of you who know me well already know, but the Blood Moon on the 26th of May 2021 is the physical manifestation of Ahriman and the advent of the 8th Sphere of reverse consciousness well documented by Rudolph Steiner and other Esoterics of the period. The last gasp of Kabalic control takes place on this date and the details listed below including the audio above that clearly represents the insidious agenda that has seen myself remove myself from the internet and online space altogether. After receiving this powerful revelatory transmission I have consciously chosen to only communicate via the Calendly app on the front page of my website. If anyone wants to know more detailed information on what this means on an individual personalised capacity and how it will infect and affect the collective please schedule an appt accordingly. Now…onto what’s what with this very well orchestrated 36 year gestated plan of human subjugation.

1)    This Wednesday 26th May 2021, the World will see one of the largest Blood-Moons.

2)    The Moon will be Eclipsed by the Earth, causing the Blood Red Shadow in Sagittarius squaring to Jupiter while Saturn stations Retrograde to join Pluto and very soon Mercury.

3)    The Word Looney comes from when inmates of insane asylums were found “Going Crazy on the Days of the Full Moon.”

4)    The Shadow World, i.e. is the Moon, this is when the Parasites in your body lives like the Shadow Banks, Governments and Parasitic Corporations are at their Most-Demonic.

5)    The use of Phantoms and Shadows is the tool that are used to Frighten, Control and Subjugate.

6)    The Worms that are in your Body and Stomach will be doing and Working in Unison with the other Parasites – using the same exact means to control your Emotions / Feelings / Energetic output.

7)    This is also the day that Whole Banking will change from with the hands of a Few Private Men and Women into the hands of the Public making every one of you equal to any Government, or Centralized Government, Bank.

8)    The 3rd day from 23rd Sunday 12pm UK time to 26th Wednesday, which is 72 hours / 3 days rescission act, will be the most important time in History for every Man and Woman on this Planet.

Blessings and love to all and may your discernment and intuition guide your way and keep you safe. Namaste.


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