12.12.12 in 2019 and the first new 7th Sense Livestream and the Millennial Activation series with your hosts Mike Puskas (Aust) and Riki Buckingham (UK). In this series and with each new episode we openly discuss the changing human condition as it relates to current Astrology, Numerology, Esoteric teachings and Alchemy and sacred Shamanic wisdom at all levels. The unique music selections come from Mikes extensive ori9ginal archive collated over some 30+ years as an active player in the international music industry. A highly evocative and soul searching journey into the expanding galactic mind and the development of the human construct. No subject is taboo and the information exchange is both virile and thought provoking. Here is Part 1 of three for this first Livestream on Megazine Radio.

The intro and closing music for each 7th Sense Livestream is courtesy of Steve Miller and the track, Abracadabra


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