The fairyale Snow White is probably the simplest way to understand the  reflection of the shadow self as it beams back at us through the black  mirror…the AI screen interface that we all signed a soul contract  with. Now that contract is being called in to pay the piper so to speak  and so many of us are willing to succumb to it’s manipulative hypnotism  that draws us down the Transhuman rabbit hole further and further with  each waking breath. Its time to take our power back and give technology  the almighty flick…. are you able to live without an AI interface that  rules and controls your every moment?

Tobias Kaye from Devon in the UK goes into a worthy analogy as well as the seven steps of energetic human expression to create balance in one’s life to generate harmony and resonance with every collapsing thought into an expression or action. Is this what truly defines the human experience in 2021 and is what to come to take even our basic human right to live from every single one of us? — Send in a voice message:


The 20 day Mayan Energy integration Invocation for Humanity

Time for n upgrade don’t you think and It could not come at a better and more appropriate time than right now during the Uranus in Taurus grand planetary Stellium. So let’s dive deep shall we?

On the 14th of April 2021, for 20 days, humanity will travel through a cosmic Chakra system and activate our Kundalini. These days are powerful and activating as we merge the past, present and future. They are more powerful than an equinox, or a class X magnitude solar flare… but continuously for 20 days straight! The center column of the sacred Mayan calendar, the Tzolk’in, represents the spinal column of the human body and the core of the Earth running from north to south.

An ascension process begins in these 20 Core days, which will burn a holy fire through our chakras. This energy descends to Earth from the great central sun and God / Hunab Ku. Every 260 days, these energies return over and over, but each time with an ascending frequency. These 20 days will be beyond powerful at this pivotal and unique time where we have been pushed beyond of our comfort zones, and we have no reserve energy to control the things we try not to face. Yet… the Mayan Core days, if worked with conscious intent, can help anchor and manifest new frequencies into form. This is what we want to explain here. It is bit complicated with words, so I hope I don’t lose you. 😉

These 20 powerful days are beginning on 4/14. We are being asked to absorb this trial by holy fire, by raising our frequencies to contain more energy and light than ever before. We will be asked to discover a new equilibrium and anchor our higher self’s orientation point. It is a time to become self-empowered and protected, and not get distracted by failing old programs.

There will be 5 pulses of energy that will burn though 5 Mayan Chakras the crown, throat, heart, solar plexus and root Chakras. Each pulse will hold 4 days each, and each day holds one of the 4 directions (east, north, west and south).

Everything you need to know about the process is available on this video.

The 20 Day Mayan Energy Integration Invocation & Process


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