Most of us know that our connection to nature has become more experiential and more immersive in recent years as humanity’s consciousness has continued to expand. But many are ignorant of the fact that we need to have a collaborative relationship with all living things to nurture harmony and inspire unity consciousness in our lives. When we request permission from nature which is a highly charged particle generator of infinite possibility we create and stimulate event streams from the future to manifest themselves in the Now. We are all designed as part of our original genetic blue print to work together in co creative capacity. 

No one understands and lives by this concept more than Tobias Kaye in Devon (UK) and his ground breaking inspirational work with stringed sounding bowls. The candid conversation that we share together is truly life changing as the simplicity of recognising the wonder and the awe of the natural world and how it plays out to stimulate a higher vibration in our connection with all living things. We have broken this chat into three equal parts and each part holds powerful liberating wisdom that can empower your life with divine guidance and practical approached to maintaining the bliss that we so desperately search to ground into our living world.

Sounding Bowl Origins (video)

Tobias Kaye Website (sounding bowls)

Soundcloud (bowl Meditations)

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