Around this time last year in 2019 I was visited repeatedly by one of my guides, Red Feather the Chief of the Sioux Indian Tribe. This was an earlier incarnation of myself as we are all mirrors of different density’s of conscious expression and the lives we inhabit in order to learn our lessons of self authorization in the Gaia classroom. I was told in the blue spectral storm of the fire angel that there would be a great deal of emotional loss and lack over the coming year and the difficulties we would all face once our freedom was robbed and we were forced through the eye of the needle to experience an extended dark night of the soul. So much is true and in this audio you will hear the safeguards that these incarnations of spirit put in place to prepare for what would be my (reflected in the we are) greatest challenge and our greatest victory, if we had the courage to integrate the darker shadow aspects of self into a deeper more immersive and experiential state of Oneness with the Divine.

For those who wish to go so much deeper into understanding and working with the higher spiritual value of one’s shadow self click the links below to be exposed to the Video and my audio book…My Doppelganger.

The Darker Shadow Self…. today and tomorrow (video)

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