Where is our connection to the inner child in our lives? Why is that a  higher level of consciousness has fallen by the wayside in recent times?  Let’s look for a moment at the crux of a conversation we are not  having? Examples of this loss of higher consciousness in society include  the lack of authentic spirituality including Atheism,  Scientism,  Alchemy and all other dogma’s including  peoples relationship with man  made religions.    When we cut ourselves off from our inner Spirit, we still need that life  force energy so we turn to external material obsessions and consumerism  to fill internal voids. 

Over time this leads to the loss of intuitive  functioning, including the loss of compassion, empathy and any sense of   inter-connectivity or community. Our moral code, our once flourishing  connection to everything around us has disappeared and been replaced  with an insidious need to hijack and rob the purity and innocence of  others to fill that void. By doing so we express our Predatory nature.   When will enough be enough and we return to reclaiming our Sovereign  power through the courage of our internal struggle with self at the  expense of intentionally hurting others.

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