Where does the Orion Nebula and corresponding galaxy planets fit into  the human origin story? Was Atlantis and Lemuria carbon copies of pre  existing breakaway civilizations in the Orion cluster that spawned an  evolutionary history that today we are only just beginning to learn,  understand and express our Starseed desire to go home?   Many Starseeds and Earth volunteers (first wavers) feel a resonance with  the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, mostly because many of us  have had incarnations during those times. These Celestial cities  expressed the Divine Intelligence which had initially split itself off  into Mother God Consciousness and Father God Consciousness. 

This became  the template that has been followed by many star civilizations across  our Galaxy and Universe, and it’s also been the pattern that has been  used for planet Earth.   The extraterrestrials who were visiting and colonizing Earth in the  beginning of Earth’s history thought it would be a good idea to develop  two major civilizations on Earth that represented the Divine Feminine  and the Divine Masculine templates. In our current timeline, we are now  focused on an integration of these two energies, mostly as a response to  the mistakes that were made on planet Earth during the past.

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