Welcome to the Alchemy of Grace presented by Michael Puskas and Celestine Star. Now that the Illusory construct of the Holographic 3D assimilation has been dissolved and we are experiencing the fallout of the remaining toxic residue of its reverse consciousness. We arrive at a convergence point in our lives where we all have the ability to employ the tools of self correction and empowering a more defined liberated outlook to once again embrace the radiant light of a once Golden Age and our conscious place within it. 

Here in 2021 we are primed like Transhumans on the verge of the birth of a new world where the old mutant paradigm of the Duality expression has been completely replaced by the singularity of a unified conscious “Oneness” that we all share with every incarnate soul on the planet. This is a journey of the heart and to operate in a more permission based co creative culture. To embrace it now is to embrace your truth and the expression of your authenticity. The world is ready to receive your high frequency transmission. so do YOU have the courage to follow your heart and share it?

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