So its the 18th of February 2020 and it’s the first day of a very intense Mercury in Retrograde for the next weeks. Venus and Jupiter are in detriment and the Sun is in it’s fall position sextiling to Aquarius where it is most unhappy.  Mars is finally leaving Sagittarius and moving into….wait for it, could this even be accurate? Into Capricorn. Everything within the greater delusion of the 3D has been firmly based in Capricorn and that’s what’s made everything around us seem so unpredictable. But why, where is the liberation in that and when will most of us actually wake up to feel the new vibration that is the message of completion that the intensified energy of Capricorn has made so clear?

What is real, what is worthy of our worthiness?: Where is valor and taking risks within the shifting flow of energy rewarding the valor presented? What is the Agenda? Where is the responsibility? Where is the feeling of Ascension? How deep is the rabbit hole manifested in universal delusion at every turn of the spiral? And where in the midst of all those simultaneous emotional states is the Co creation that 2020 so adamantly offered us all?

The truth be told…there is no answer. Why? Because all manner of finites and absolutes have dissolved and fallen away into the delusion and replaced with the new language of human liberation. But no one seems available spiritually or otherwise to see it, interpret it’s light interaction and feel it’s universal manifestation within this filtered and distorted existence.

So….let’s go back to the beginning, where it all started and energetically redefine who we are?



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