On the eve of the full moon in Leo and with 4 water based planets, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and the Moon all in Pisces the team got together last night on the 9th of February to discuss in detail the depth of delusion we were all attaching to and thus becoming affected to the point of emotional breakdown because we just couldn’t see the trees from the smoke which we were consciously choosing with our thoughts, actions and intentions. Yet everything presented in that intense wave of energy can be received and experienced as medicine for the greater good of all humanity.

Some Serious Housekeeping
Now, we have been suffering at the hands of Podbean a rather convoluted and diminished service that has seen a lot of our content go missing and as a course not reaching our global audience. So as of next week the new 7 day cycle will see us moving all of our content to the new Megazine radio platform and the new Megazine Today online Blogspot and Magazine. Each one of our participants will be able to create and share their own shows without fees and or time restrictions which is very disconcerting when we are in the flow of discussion and presenting our truth.

So the links below will take you to each site respectively and this will also allow you to support us as a subscriber so that you get notifications just like You Tube whenever we post any new content including bi weekly Podcasts, Livestreams, New Videos and Music in the 432Hz frequency. In addition we will be creating a conscious corner for advanced practitioners who are in a more highly elevated and integrated state of being within the new parallel timeline in the new world. So come one come all and feel into a whole new immersive experience of empowering conscious expansion and filtered discernment to support your multi dimensional journey in 2020 and beyond.






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