At the end of the January cycle in 2020 and after some 20 days into the Saturn Pluto conjunction we arrive with the moon entering into Taurus and amplified by Uranus stationed direct. With the Sun in Aquarius and with Chiron firmly established in Aries we have Venus entering into Aries at 3 degrees and Mars continues it’s energy warrior journey in Sagittarius. So put all this together and you have a stagnant energy and literally no air flow to clear the Toxicity and the pungent smell of what’s been left over. The way we are emotionally charged by becoming more reactionary each day to the 3D construct we self perpetuate into a deluded state of conscious expression leaves little or no room to move. Or does it?

The way we can view this stagnant energy is to see it from a heightened and more sensitive perception that expands us out of the limitation of always being the Affected into the mode of being the Affector of our earthly experience and potential destiny. Imagine waking up and feeling liberated at every level of your beingness knowing that external circumstances and influences no longer5 apply to you…because you have detoxified the stagnant air of habitual patterns, behaviour and experience from your unified energy field and now you can concentrate on drawing in what truly serves the higher octave of your transmission to the Universe. Your radio signal has been cleared and purified of all distortion so that you can express yourself in the most authentic manner available. This is what Venus in Aries and Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto brings to the table to support your blissful state of being. Trust it and allow it to emanate and radiate who you really are. It won’t last forever but it’s here right now so get busy, sort yourself from the drama and the negative flow of those around you and find the liberation you so richly deserve.


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