Although it’s now the master number of 22nd January 2020 in a 2+2 = 4 Universal year of physical manifestation I wanted to wait until this moment to share a powerful Meta mythos download that I had on 11.11 at 11. Normally I go into quite a bit of detail as to what the episode is about so people who are interested know what’s in store, but already this year which is all about clarity and transparency through the most authentic lens you can transmit your truth through. I decided that I’m not going to volunteer information as it comes across as egoic dogma and that’s not what my personal insights on the David Lynch Universe is all about. So if your curious and you love Twin Peaks then take the plunge look through the mirror and see what you can see and decide for yourself if this is for you or not? Either way no biggie, no love lost as it’s always going to be apparent and available as it’s in our house now.

Blessings and love to all in 2020…may your destiny unfold within the river of divine ease and grace!



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