So the Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Scorpio and yep wait for it Mars has entered Sagittarius. So who feels like a fish out of water? A higher sense of emotional displacement that has you questioning the validity and intrinsic truth of just about everything. The moon is opposite Uranus and Mercury is directly above Aquarius creating what’s known in Astrology as a perfect T square….so the only thing that you know deep in your heart, is that if I continue to stay the course (Scorpio focus) and do the work diligently and without questioning my motives I’ll be alright….but will you? Mars in Sagittarius brings in the consolidated delusion that nothing means a pinch of shit right now. That’s why it’s obvious and delusional and that’s a perfect and valid rational reason not to trust it.

Now this also means that there is no Fire in the Sky at the moment except for the release point of all this compressive energy in Leo. So try to just focus on sustaining your balance in the world…easier said then done! So join Riki Buckingham (UK), Cory Caplan (US), Greg Delapaix (US) and yours truly (Australia) as we dissect all this displaced energy and so much more. We offer actual tools and processes that will empower the individual and help you deal with the challenging energy’s bombarding the singularity of our Quantum field right now. We discuss in detail the greatest organic neural network known as the Mycellium that has an expansive consciousness all of it’s own and why we need to remain true to who we are, lose the mask, quit the egoic masquerade and express the highest octave of authenticity in absolutely everything we do.

There is a fascinating audio excerpt from the recently release movie, “The Cosmic Secret” presented by David Wilcox and Coorey Goode and features some unmissable highlights in understanding the 2020 year ahead, the energetic transits of the next 20 years and the all important HOPE factor that will see our planet safe from destruction from a 25,000 year solar flash cycle that will obliterate the current AI signal and it’s relentless suppression and allow humanity to rise to the higher state of conscious and emotionally charged density that will see our species divided and split into two very deliberate factions. Keep an open mind and allow your wave function to collapse into the most lucid state of conscious expansion where the future has nothing but a rightful bubble of bliss available to each and every soul if you choose to accept with love in your heart the difficult challenges that still lay ahead.



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