So the Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Leo. We are now on the other side of the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer on the 10th. Uranus stationed direct on the 11th Sextiling to Venus and today on the 12th we have just experienced the Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. So tomorrow when you wake up to go through your usual routine and look in the mirr5or you will be welcoming with open arms the new YOU…That’s right the embodiment of YOU 3.0 with one powerful and obvious exception, you won’t be expressing your truth in fear but rather in liberation and with free will. Lets blindfold everyone we hold close in our tribe and board our new experiential defined ship of possibility to navigate uncharted waters¬† in an arc of trust with the Universe. This is not your ego seeking self confidence¬† anymore in your life that you so much better than you think you are. This is your soul telling you that you are already consciously available to the process of expressing self confidence in your life.

So knowing this and understanding that expressing your authenticity without limitations and boundary’s seemed a perfect opportunity to present a conversation that details the last part of my personal journey over the last two years to find my identity and expression of truth. Who better to share this conversation with than my long time running mate and compadre, Terry McArthur from the fire ravaged Blue Mountains of the Southern highlands of NSW. Terry is a highly evolved and spiritually aligned truth seeker that operates at the highest octave of musical revolution. This is a candid conversation in a language of wanting and yearning to find the peace and tranquility of one’s own space to ground their purest expression of self because that is the transparent exchange and currency that will see us through the turbulent times that lay ahead.

For those out there in the community that don’t have the god given right to a home or a roof over their heads or feel displaced from a natural disaster like thousands right here in my own backyard, I offer prayers of compassionate strength and purified understanding that the challenges you face can be overcome and that you can win an energetic victory in the light of adversity by remaining true to who you are and the intrinsic goodness you recognise in everything around you that you ground, express and share with the world.¬†



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