Humbly taken with the warm response received to the Summer Solstice Livestream we did last night that we decided for all those who only got to witness a small part of the broadcast or none at all because of the time stamp screw up that we would feature it’s empowering content as the closing Podcast to 2019…hence the tongue in cheek title. Please overlook the 3min Steve Miller intro music till the fun kicks in and Riki, Cory and Mike take you on a transparent journey into truth unlike any other. So as previously stated, welcome to the Sun conjunct Jupiter to close out this rather turbulent, tenuous and challenging year and this transit will keep things in a firm priority focus till January 8th. However in hindsight for most in the world it’s about experiencing a major dose of Anxiety and this in context with what’s to come is completely normal….how can you even say that you venture to ask?

In 2020 we expand into a brighter and more surprising future by simply changing the language of the mind and the descriptors we use in it’s new terminology. So to change the term safety into the term Challenge and to embrace that change at the highest octave of our Beingness. This is best reflected in the forthcoming Saturn and Pluto conjunction that will arrive around January 12th and influence the next turn of the spiral for at least the next three months. To put it mildly it’s going to force most of us to face our darker shadow self head on and learn the hard way in this cycle of existence to integrate that very aspect into our nature and self expression. The hardest thing most have found in 2019 is how to remain balanced and grounded in spiritual practice and to be resilient and true to it. When we are unaligned our higher self leaves our being to allow the accepted manipulation of the Arkon energy’s to continue to feed until we are back in illuminated alignment to our spiritual practice and the devotion we have to our higher purpose. Remember we all agreed to sign our soul Agreements to come into the flesh suit and the embedded consciousness to live this life in the Gaia classroom.

While we discuss, self correction, media manipulation, self perpetuated deception, the Meta Mono Myth, The Geo Political breakdown, the rapid fire dismantle of the Matrix, The Millenial Responsibility, the AI integration into cellular memory and the depth and detail of the Planetary Transits we focus on the most simple scientific explanation of dealing with life on earth as we know it today by understanding the intricacies of the Particle Duality Wave function.

Quantum physics has broken down our world into the tiniest of all interconnected components. Particles act as waves when not observed by a consciousness contained in a focal point of form. What is done to one particle apparently alone and separate in one container has an identical effect on another particle in a distant container. The mirror of ones existence is experienced completely differently in another because of the way it is observed in a conscious state. So…. know self, understand your emotional state and be aligned and aware to the division your choice point creates in your sub conscious to unfold and expand your plainer reality and 2020 will be the most awe inspiring and divinely aligned to truth and purpose that YOU could ever hope to experience. We are ready…are you?



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