Here we are on the other side of the Full Moon in Gemini and I must apologise to all our conscious followers for not being able to do our weekly Livestream last night as planned. To put it simply I was moving house and I had to be up bright and early to facilitate the removalist. Riki would have carried it with great ease and grace but there were internet bandwidth issues in Spain so it wasn’t meant to be. The message received from the full moon and the fact that Uranus is the only planet in Retrograde right now was to seriously slow the fuck down…there is no clarity in stress and as energy follows attention…you will attract and generate more stress and more uncertainty if you continue to operate at the same frantic pace in the hope that you find all the answers before 2019’s sands of illusory time run out. Ding…wrong…delusion and there is a lot more of it underway.

So Riki and I decided to have a candid chat about the filter of discernment required when ascertaining which of the now thousands of so called qualified practitioners practicing in the delusion of spiritual awakening that YOU should invest your hard earned $ and time to listen to. The short answer without judgment is most are mirroring each other because many don’t understand the practical application of what it is that they are instructing you to practice. Uranus is calling these try hards and wanna be’s out and exposing them for exactly who they are….so humble and so wonderful. To be frank none of this beats self realization that YOU just need to slow down and allow the Universe to well up underneath your cork and move you across the expanse of the multiverse that shifts and changes each new day of rebirth.

The discussion then turns to just how many of us are defining our perception of our current reality through a rather Narrowcast lens. So as we prepare for the Holiday season try to move from a more Narrowcast outlook to a more broad spectrum outlook and this means to stop and catch yourself as you roll out the same conscious thoughts each day to action a very predictable and recycled outcome…this when defined in our every day serves no purpose at all and ceases any and all conscious growth. Too many kids on the play ground running about willy nilly without a clue as to what it is their doing and what it is that they are hoping to achieve. Ding….wrong….more delusion! Hard words and hard action through the reflective lens of compassionate strength has more impact on humanity than the same old, same old…going nowhere fast emotionally charged Shite…. Trust surpasses the delusion of love and with discernment you will get to experience this for yourself right now.


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