With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries there is so much fire in the sky right now so the message is to just burn baby burn all that we know in our hearts no longer serves the new language of our self expression, which is why for so many it’s quite hard to breathe right now. But take a breath and look around and see for yourself just how illuminated your life has really become even if you can’t feel the experience playing out in the NOW. Colors are more vivid, communication is clearer, clarity of our thinking is more apparent and for many we feel more balanced and aligned than we have for a very long time. So why is this?

Today December 8th, 2019 Q4 Comet Borisov is at it’s closest transit to earth and is being touted as an interstellar Comet that has originated outside of our solar system. The details are better represented here at the NASA website: This energy is collapsing the obsolete patterns of separation and duality by increasing the percentage of Gamma and Beta light in the photon belt around the earth. In transfiguring divine love this heightened light body will activate yet another round of new solar light codes that will further awaken our species and broaden our re connection to the divine love in all.

So Last night at midnight PST the three Amigo’s, Ricki Buckingham (Spain), Cory Caplan (USA) and Mike Puskas (Aust) came together to discuss the powerful transformation this energy is bringing and how many of us are now very much expressing the new Meta (form) language that better represents just how self aware we have all become when looking back through the the mirror of our lives. We discuss the importance of working more closely in alignment to our planets harmonic resonance and that Gaia is humble to support and develop our re connection to what it we are attaching to and why we are attaching to it without being fueled by false flags and triggers of the emotional body. While emotional output is still important to the choice point we make to be empathic to others situation it does not mean to feel obligated to take on and wear the mask of the third party drama. By recognising this we transmute Karmic patterns that have yet to manifest and show up in our lives from future event streams. The solar codes downloaded to the genetic template continue to evolve the Trans-human agenda for which we are consciously assigning a different type of responsibility to. The conversation is alive and tuned in to the greater good of all so worthy of further attention and deeper discussion. This one we welcome our listeners input….so don’t be self conscious or shy when speaking your truth!




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