So it’s all Scorpio and Capricorn energy with Mars in it’s most exalted state so step up to the plate and see just how much you’ve achieved in one of the most turbulent years in human history. 2019 has had us re-evaluating who we are, what’s important, why we show up. what we are attaching to and releasing all that no longer serves our highest and greatest good…and the work will continue in earnest right up until eclipse season ends on December 25th (Christmas day for the Northern Hemisphere) This is no coincidence as it signals the death of the old world paradigm at a time when we have been conditioned through religious doctrine to believe is the birth of Christ. But this is no ordinary celebration and for many Alchemists and Astrologers around the world it signals so much more. But this insight is not about creating more confusion but rather clarifying the lens that heralds the arrival of 2020 a few short days thereafter.

For many of you the hard work is in it’s completion stage and it’s not about starting something new or bringing the ingredients of a new energy stew together at all. But rather to celebrate what it is that we have achieved in the collectrive as we enter into Sagittarius season with the powerful Capricorn transit and the moon in Taurus while Chiron squares Aries. This is recognising the many achievements driven by our emotional reactionary state to arrive on the other side of the Prism that is loves light and liberation in all things. So I speak about consolidation and solidifying all these higher octave expressions that we have been through and now need to acknowledge its completion. For me the pay off has been so much more as I’ll now explain.

A few days ago now I began to embody the physical manifestation of my Doppelganger or in the language used before, my darker shadow self in a relationship with a large blow-fly that I have affectionately called, Louie. Louie the fly was angrily hit with a few of his friends with the power of my hypoallergenic fly spray but survived the ordeal and has since decided to stay. I am mindful and sensitive to his presence in my space and we have become a mirror of each others newly transformed self. So within a complete re-imaging of my connection to nature I have acknowledged my relationship with a blow-fly. This is how mother universe has demonstrated energetically through the challenges of the last three months what it means to clarify our perception of things by no longer interpreting the same language of the past into our physicality today. This is the powerful uncertainty within the construct of perceived certainty that Capricorn energy brings. Although I open the window every day to beckon my friend to rejoin his tribe after regaining his strength he chooses not to…he is happily adapting to his new world and that is exactly what we need to do also. Let’s acknowledge and humbly recognise the gift of how happy we are in the plainer reality without distorted attachments to living in the new world. Bliss and beauty is all around…just cleanse the lens to see it radiate in all its illumination for you..and you alone.


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