With the Sun in Sagittarius, and Mars, the Sun, and the Sth Node all trining together while the Moon comes into Aquarius and squares to Uranus while also connecting to Chiron. This is all about expanding your emotional state while recognising the Karma that’s playing out in your third party interactions and your relationships. The mirror reflecting back through this energy is dealing with one’s insecurities and how clouded and somewhat lost in our translation we are which blocks us from growing into the higher octave of light that we all are.

Venus conjunction to the Sth Node on its way to connecting with Jupiter as it leaves Sagittarius to arrive in Capricorn signals in classic Matrix style which pill your going to choose the red pill or the blue pill? …now both have their own deceptions but one is particularly aligned to Capricorn and this is the energy whats currently holding you back and keeping you very much consciously trapped in the delusion that is the blue pill. From an astrological perspective, Neptune direct is signalling that most of us are blocking our true destiny due to insecurities reflected in distorted emotions which manifest as emotional traumas. Our insecurities which are fueled by distorted emotional expression is wrapped up in our inability to let go of the false safety and security that we believe we need in order to sustain our lives. Yet it’s that feeling of safety that is our greatest challenge and to emerge on the other side of the traumatic experience of our everyday is to recognise that this no longer serves us in any way shape or form. Intensify this with consciously arriving at the 8 destiny point in Asteroid Juno which is also deceptively being reflected in both Libra (Air) and the same 8 destiny point in Aries (fire) which is opposing to Mars. Be careful this week with the walls you build around yourself to protect yourself from the illusory walls of third party interactions….the air you bring will fuel the fire that will burn your delusion down around you.




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