Mars in Scorpio opposed by Uranus in Taurus and wait for it Mercury is now direct and Venus is in a conjunction with Jupiter…so to say thge energy has been volatile of late is an understatement. Part of this was gale force winds that brought trees and power lines down which had me without power for nearly 7.5 hours. So I felt it appropriate to just lay on the bed and reflect on how I was feeling and what the energy around me was welling up inside and outside of my being. I can sum it up with just a few words actually and those words are…I can’t breathe and its very claustrophobic in everything taking place right now. In short there is no little or no air in the sky. Its all fire and earth and that means for those who know what I’m talking about that it’s time to recognise our need to ground ourselves to what is authentic and real so that we can stop getting lost in the delusion of thinking that we feel good and all is in divine flow in the river of ease and grace. So what does this have to do with Twin Peaks? Well plenty actually as I’ll now explain in greater detail.

So while laying on the bed in darkness bar the few tea lights I had available to illuminate the darker shadows of this energy my construct brought into focus the Black Lode and the entity’s that inhabited it. And so I started a correlation between our world and the world of our sub conscious world where there is a definitive space in between their manifestations and the opportunity presented itself to Firewalk with a hidden truth reflected in the Meta universe of Twin Peaks.

The downward spiral of our world into Chaos clearly demonstrates the way that the more light we expose from our waking and focused consciousness into the darker realms of the space between the Doppelganger occupied world of the Lodges and our own, illuminates the collective conscious as to the issues of the day and how to no longer feel beholden to attach to the misery, Maya and victimization caused by allowing the suppression of those feelings and emotions to collapse our wave function to embody fear in the physical and create a false mask of what we deem to perceive as our plainer reality. The Fireman is always presenting in a hidden Meta form the fire alarm in the White Lodge that signals the looming and ever presence of Bob and the Lodge Denizens. This is the conscious alarm Lynch is using to wake the viewer up from the dream and to solidify the dream into the embodiment of the Dreamers that is reflected in US.

All our pressures and stresses are echoed in an urgency to deal with the Firemans alarm that alerts us to when our sub conscious suppression is using our ego in order to drive our motivation forward. But how effective is the planned transit through the on screen drama when there are only three fixed wheels on our cart of experience and one wheel is shaky, loose and about to fall off. That’s how Cooper, Harry, Hawk and Andy all feel…the dreamers waking up from the dream embodied in the horror of the escalating crimes befalling many of the towns characters.



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