So on the eve of the new moon in Sagittarius I felt compelled having just been dealing with some indigenous Aboriginal senior law men as to an upcoming water purifying ceremony in frequency to do a Podcast on the Meta language of Kokopelli (Nth American Indian Shaman) and “The Jumping Man”. He is the fertility god that brings in the bounty of the harvest and in particular he is referenced as a light bearer between the two worlds in the dimension above the convenience store in Twin Peaks. But as Hawk points out to Cooper when he explains the intricacies of his indigenous map of the surrounding area….it all depends on the intention of what the pictographs can represent as a larger part of understanding the Metaphorical reflection of the Lynch universe. In this case Cooper points towards the black corn…the sour of the harvest and in this case our Pinocchio styled Lodge Denizen is the shamanic custodian of the creamed corn…our Garmonbozia.

I go further to point out after researching some esoteric articles in the Blue Rose magazine that as the Jumping Man arrived at the same time as the Woodsman in this dimension he represents the radioactive degenerated corn meal or maise as it was known at the time of the Trinity Test in December 1965 which was the core focus of the Manhattan project that wiped out Nagasaki and Hiroshima. So it is a nuclear tainted corn meal that the Jumping Man has distorted as part of a larger evil shadow that the Lodge creatures are here on earth to spread like a virus to infect and poison the populace. But there is more…so much more. To put it mildly it was a way of reflecting the attack on local colonialism as the American Indians of the region were being displaced more and more by the selfish greed of the white settlers and the movers and shakers like the Horne brothers, Jack Parsons and the Milfred and Packard family’s of the Twin Peaks region. Yet as all is reflected in our own conscious expansion, the Jumping Man is indeed an aspect of ourselves as we peer through the mirror of turbulent cultural shifts and change.


Here’s our latest David Lynch inspired Music Video



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