So we come to the end of the “My Doppelganger” series and this final episode which includes my energetic conclusion to the whole personal experience is illuminating at the highest octave of human experience. The main thing to note is the way our own relationship with our darker shadow self becomes more engaging and more dynamic as each new dream is revealed. Now it’s not accurate to state that the integration between the toned down self (that is the individuated aspect of beingness aligning with the higher octaves of the universe) and the Doppelganger is manifesting in the waking hors of the illusory plainer reality, but rather more so during the dreaming at night when the space suit in it’s most detached state is experiencing the truthful and authentic reality which is what counts the most. You wake with a certain heightened and sensitive perception of your new waking experience. Best of all when you then attach the gratitude principle to the acknowledgment of that you get an even more sensitive and blissful experience….why? Because suddenly your subconscious triggers make sense of all that your going through in any given moment.

Not to be confused by a walk in or shapeshifting manifestation of someone elses Doppelganger where it becomes very difficult to discern through the given filter of experience playing out who is attaching to who to feed off the host, and who is attaching to what to gain the nourishment from the parasite that continues to diminish one’s capacity to fight the integration of one form of energy to another. At the end of the day just as in the Lynchian Meta universe it’s all about “Electricity” and the charged particles we collapse in an effort to understand their impact in our everyday lives.

From next week we will deal more with the compressive energy’s that are intensifying more and more every day right up until the clock signals the end of 2019 and the kick start siren of 2020. For those interested and or attracted to the Lynchian Metaverse my new Twin Peaks “what lies beneath” Podcast is now in full swing and easily joined at the link below.

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