In today’s episode we look at how Lynch utilised characters to embody the dichotomy between good and evil, which is inherent in all of us. The energetic imbalance projected through the distorted lens on screen demonstrated how we all live inside a dream…a holographic illusory reality where nothing remotely resembles what our senses perceive, feel and see. David Lynch very purposefully led us down a deliberate rabbit hole that reflected us the viewer as the Dreamers experiencing the dream in the show. Laura Palmer is “The One” She is the one that sees us the viewer and our actions depicted in the many Twin Peaks timelines. She also has hypnotic power over us and she is hyper aware that we bear some level of responsibility for her never ending nightmare. As Carrie Page she tried desperately to hide from us and our gift of Garmonbozia. In the return Cooper found her and so did we. This insight will offer on screen examples that she and other characters are actively aware of us. We are the core focus of Lynch’s vision of our world reflected in the Twin Peaks universe. We are the key to ending Laura’s nightmare.

Through the lens of Twin Peaks we are asked to witness how a heinous and somewhat supernatural crime against humanity is received and acted upon by the Zeitgest and how we all manage to hide our deepest transgressions in our 12th house of secrets….”it is in our house now” David uses Laura to draw our attention away from our addiction to the consumable violence on TV and back into recognising the intrinsic goodness that lies in all existence.

Twin Peaks essentially allows each new character to be an energetic expression of a particular emotive state in our conscious understanding and our plainer reality. There are four characters represented that speak directly to us, the viewer. Their actions and messages on screen are meant specifically for us. They speak act and look directly at us. These characters inform us the viewer that we are in a dream and they are warning us through their exchanges for us the observers in the dream to hurry up and wake up! These are.

The Log Lady (Catherine Coulson – R.I.P)

Dr Jacoby / Dr Amp (Russ Tamblyn)

Monica Belluci (Monica Belluci)

Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee)







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