In this episode and after a fair bit of online research we look at all the energetic, spiritually aligned and darker shadow mirrors that is JUDY. As Mr C says…who is Judy. Phillip Jeffries is a major focal point of our illusory holographic reality refuses to talk about Judy yet he explains to Cooper that he has already met Judy. To most this is considered to be the most confusing factor of the Meta Universe of Lynch yet the mythology and mysticism is very carefully clued in Episode 8 and the whole bigger cultural picture of the “Trinity Test” on July 16th 1945. On screen we meet a young pre teen Sarah “Judith” Palmer who is corrupted by her first kiss and metaphorically reflects a cultural shift of the American youth into a rebellious expression of the times represented by Lynch’s love of Rock n Roll and Maverick characters like Marlon Brando and James Dean.

Judy embodied in Sarah Palmer beckons us to Firewalk with her as we are forcibly coaxed “time and time again” according to the “Arm” to get in tune with our darker shadow self and the embodiment of our Doppelganger which are eerily represented by the Lodge Denizens which shape shift from one density of conscious space to another. To open this can of supernatural worms at this stage would be inappropriate as the distinction between, The Owl Ring, The Sycamore Trees, Sparkwood and 21, Scorched engine oil, The Sounds, The horse is the white of the eyes, The Gods of Light, The Woodsman, The Fireman, The Electrician, Garmonbozia, Mike and Bob are all part of the same interconnected electrically charged particle that is simultaneously collapsing our reality to reveal ordered chaos at every turn in any given moment….is it future or is it past?







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