In this episode we look at the Meta language behind the Season intro for “The Return” and the first three scenes and locations in great detail. I feature quite a bit about Jacoby and his alter ego the mirror of the current Zeitgeist in 2017 as Dr Amp and how he becomes the voice that no longer talks to us but rather talks at us to make a point that the airwaves are still flooded with more gratuitous consumable violence and fodder and filler which contribute to rotting the youth of Twin Peaks brains and collapsing their personalities into rotten eggs. This is clearly demonstrated in all the skull crashing and mis-shapen heads featured in the new series.

The Return and it’s interplay on screen is about non-existence and nothingness as there is very little or nothing associated with the original romance we the original dreamers had with Twin Peaks. The color spectrum is dull and blurred, the language is stilted and labored and the characters are now represented as cardboard cut outs with diminished emotional capacity to present credible on screen performances as the new TV Amnesia has well and truly set in. Doughie Jones a Tulpa of Dale Cooper and Niddo a Tulpa of Dianne Evans didn’t have any real dialogue for the expanse of the series. Lynch goes further to add insult to injury by throwing in a good dose of dumb luck to see if we can’t be triggered to wake up to just how out of place that whole interplay was for the Las Vegas stalking scenes.




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