In this episode we go to lengths to dissect the character dossiers of Leland Palmer, Sarah Palmer and Nadine Gardner and the way these interconnected relationships play out on screen. David Lynch’s unique language expressed in the Meta Universe creates many parallel experiences that mirror our own lives as metaphorical reflections that we create within our roles as investigative detectives solving the ultimate murder mystery. The juxtaposition between Leland and Sarah Palmer as puppet masters of duality are cryptically represented in the Quantum unified field theory of the particle and the wave duality. The self aware moment of continued childhood abuse that goes unchecked manifests in their plainer reality as the monster that has been created by observing the collapse of the particle solidifying the fear and drawing into a corporeal live experience.

Lynch and Frost make it very clear that their intention to scrape under the finger nails of middle America to expose the dirt that lies under the glistening facade of a small endearing and loveable town. To reflect this on screen they developed complicated characters that played dual roles when presenting their ideology of consciousness and the flow of energy between two worlds. The bulk of Lynch’s screen work through the expression of his art has represented the darker underbelly of what we perceive in the illusory reality to be a very clean cut lens of society and societal influence. So to consolidate that intention he made damn sure that certain characters would embody that self expression to a tee. This included the many faces of Nadine Gardner and Sarah Palmer as herself and the embodiment of “Judy”.







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