In this episode we dissect in detail the enigmatic David Lynch inspired character of FBI Special Agent, Dale Cooper. This dossier is extensive and very Meta based and the most simplest analogy that one could put forward. Is that he represents the Detective embodied in us “The Viewers” to investigate the imbalance taking place in the Television world of the period. Back in the late 80’s every drama, cop show, soap and sitcom would resolve the crime by the end of the episode so there was no real need to have investigators or special agents who’s role and responsibility was to “survey the details, scour for clues and solve the crime”. Dale Cooper embodies all the characteristics that Lynch needs to present the perfect detective that will take the time using all manner of techniques, spirituality, deductive skills to bring to our attantion that we see ourselves in the mirror that’s playing out on screen. We are in a Metaphorical reflection of that reality the perpetrators of the crime of murdering Laura Palmer.

Its a rather lengthy and detailed look into the cathartic journey that Cooper travels from the good shepherd to a soul that falls from grace and embodies his own dark shadow self in the form of his Doppelganger which is very much the basis of the Red Room Waiting area….the space between two worlds, or in our case the negative space between two distinctive reality’s and timelines.




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