Back on the 23rd of September during the day of the Spring Equinox self received a encoded message that was more Meta based than a real sense of the reality of the moment. The message clearly stated that to truly recognise the intrinsic goodness all aspects of existence we need to integrate the darkest part of our selbes to fuse an electrical charge that kick starts the emerge4nce of the tuned in version of one’s higher self. I remember the energy in the bush was very dense and rather heavy meaning that the challenge posed by this Equinox was to experience the dichotomy of what once was and what shall be if one allows the integration of this light and shadow fusion to take place. My Doppelganger was very resonant and available for deeper discussion during that day. I learned that the more light I invited in through the gratitude expression principle to activate the light body to experience the higher octaves of balanced frequency’s the more my shadow self would succumb to a level of Q&A and interrogation. This was rather telling and although the audio is rather cryptic and certainly Meta based in many aspects there is a clear underlying theme of deeper self discovery taking place within my being and in particular evident during my dreaming or what we call the human sleep cycle.

To discover the delusion during this time that our grounding to the I am principle is rather outdated and rather convoluted when self expression should be based and founded in the “We Are” principle….the inter-connectivity to all things. The mirror of our existence filters the language and definition we attach to our self expression. To be humble and grateful to acknowledge one’s growth in the expressive language of unity allows us to disassociate from the delusion collapsing our perception of what we believe our role to be and to detach from the forms metaphorical expression to arrive at a true reflection of our higher selves. This is the fuel of pure bliss and greater happiness. We are all capable of committing to this process and experiencing this euphoric feeling for ourselves.






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