On the eve of the full moon in Taurus and the cusp of a new lightbody integrated solar light portal for 11.11, we collapse yet another timeline and move that little closer to birthing our new individual reality within a collective conscious space. After an initial introduction to a new Twin Peaks mythology feature episode I am pleased to introduce a highly eclectic mind in the form of a new compadre in the US by the name of Cory Caplan who’s deeper understanding of Quantum mechanics and it’s metaphorical reflection in the human condition today will entertain and enlighten you to an even more auspicious paradigm existing and playing out right under our noses in the now. Cory’s you tube channel “Space Cadet” delves into deeper esoteric discussions in relation to the Lynch approach and the light and dark mythology behind the TV Series, “Twin Peaks”. Together we use the experiential landscape of the show to demonstrate various meta forms of parallel universes and Quantum mechanical output to help listeners understand the deeper recesses of the sub conscious realms we visit every day. In this first of many episodes we look into how every event stream, scenario and circumstance in our lives can be attributed energetically to the moment by collapsing the particle wave duality theory to the point of solidifying form in a conscious observation by self to manifest our plainer reality. We talk spiritual manipulation, Geo politics, vertical integration platforms of understanding, liberated light interaction and more of the shadow work that each of us still needs to do.

On the basis of these new insights and discussions a number of players in the team will be releasing an additional Podcast episode each week referencing metaphoric reflections, character breakdowns, alternate reality’s and the on screen interplay in the episodes of Twin Peaks – The Return. We will be co creating with a number of established Twin Peaks Podcasters and also hope to talk to some of the character actors in the show as the series develops.




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