So the sun is in Scorpio and the moon is in Aquarius while creating a T square with Uranus in Taurus still retrograde. This is a highly flammable conflict style of energy that has us feeling as if we can’t get our mental viewpoint across to others. Looking back to just before the Equinox in September it is a well placed mirror to presenting the mythology behind the embodiment of what we call “Evil” as a metaphorical reflection of ourselves in the world. The Utukku / Uddug is a Sumerian shadow being (shape shifter) that was later represented for the male counterpart as Ba al (Beelzebub) and Jowday for the female counterpart or “Judy” as she is known today in Lynchesque mythology. The Doppelganger that arises predominantly from our attachment to the Judy incarnation presents a particle wave duality that we can either solidify into form and make it real as we collapse the particle and observe it in our reality, or keep the ideal (thought form without attachment) lucid and malleable, represented by the infinite possibility of the wave function.

When we consciously collapse either of these elemental energy’s we can manifest it as a 3rd density entity that can trap fear and trauma in our being which can remain blocked and trapped in our Chakra energy grid. Many of us carry this embodiment of metaphorical fear and it’s reflection in our sub conscious to a point where the ability to control it’s expansion into our reality becomes the greatest challenge of all. I speak in detail about this and the concept of naturally repressing this neutral charge of electricity that drove me to a deeper need to do shadow work and to openly engage with My Doppleganger during dreaming and waking life. Numerology like 11.11 and the 333 is a part of breaking down our perception of what has habituated our core essence into a negative flow of electrical charge fueled by the emotional body and our inherent need to always define ourselves to understand our reality. This newly shaped lens outside of time space reflects our waking from the Amnesia to discover the synchronicity and synergy of all manner of probability and possibility available to both aspects of self as we become more illuminated and open hearted to receive rather than be gifting all the time.



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