With four planets in Scorpio and on the eve of the new moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus, many will witness a 7th House revelation of sorts with regard to their relationships. So what came in thick and fast from the universe as a course was an energetic integration in my cellular memory I’m calling, “The Blackout” So while it still fits very much within the context of the “My Doppelganger” series it has a bigger impact on what a lot of society call The Ascension. I don’t…. I call it the integration and its about recognizing the change of current in the electricity manifesting the light and the dark in the collective conscious. So I’m urging people to have a conversation with your cells as to what to do next because they are ready to integrate this new code of information for the future. The Blackout is the space between space, represented in the physical by the space between two worlds and experienced as a fusion of an electrical current between the light and the dark. With the integration of the new solar light codes into our DNA stream we are illuminating self by drawing more of this light into our Beingeness. This defined intention to clarify and purify our cellular memory from the conditioned and programmed behavior of our past is attacking the darker recesses of our sub conscious and chasing out the darkness which cannot hide in the vessel anymore as there is just too much illumination at play. Polar opposites of the electrical spectrum meet at a neutral position in the human psyche to fold over and collapse what we think we know. So the thoughts that we choose to manifest form to create our sense of experience is no longer attached to any element existing or reflected in the external. The space suit fills with this non existent electricity to become buoyant, light and devoid of attaching to 3D drama. In short the Blackout creates a void in which consciousness sits in a neutral state and attaches to nothing but….more and more light. Welcome one and all to the new YOU…..





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