Breathe freely and the new Stargate will open effortlessly for us all. The lesson in what science calls particle wave duality is part of a unified field of multiple reality’s experienced without force or pressure. You cannot force the deeper integration of this new higher octave of YOU to implement and manifest itself in your recently rebirthed cellular memory. You can’t force real change but you can set the intention by expressing your worthiness to receive the gifts that the universe looks to bestow on you right now. The Doppelgangers transmission frequency is much louder now and it’s resonance generates an ethereal wave of possibilities that you cannot ignore or turn away from. It’s asking you over and over again….who is your Tribe, what are you connecting to and are you energetically working with others that share that same desire and common connection to the same things? 

We feel like a dissociated dreamer in an imaginary world where the past dictates the future. But what if the future influences the present? Particle wave duality. Passively observing atoms changes the perception of their behavior in the plainer reality of the viewer.


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