With the new moon in Libra came the heralding messenger of Saturn going direct and setting the new scope of energy for all to feel in to. In the last few days Pluto has finally gone direct also and in one word the liberation this planet of darker secrets brought to the surface is now out in the open and revealed for all to see. Part 2 of My Doppelganger deals with the illusion of our plainer reality by addressing the higher octave of integration in our lives. How does the darkness know it’s dark if there is no light and how does the light know that it is light if there is no darkness? To understand the dichotomy of the separation that never existed in the first place is to know in our hearts and our limited level of expression that we all live inside a dream. The integration of the dreaming with the higher octave of consciousness in the NOW is to find bliss and satisfaction in every moment.



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