A very special day today the 29th day of the ninth month of Sept in the year 2019. The three 9’s signal the death of the old and the birth of the new. Or is that a perception based in our understanding of the old paradigm that no longer resonates in the new wave of illumination and solar light activation. Has the delusion and the veil of Amnesia come full circle and have we arrived to find that it’s timely indeed to put all that we have learned under the lens of creation and face our dark shadow self for the first time? For those in the know the 29/9/19 signals with the new Supermoon in Virgo that nothing will ever be the same again….so don’t try hanging on or thinking you can still fix something because at it’s illusory point of manifestation it never existed in the first place. This ten part series of insights into acknowledging the core essence of our Doppelganger will shatter the myth of dark vs light and perhaps have you rethinking spirituality as you once you knew it all over again. In part 1 I set the stage for arriving at the conclusion that the journey thus far has been nothing more that navigating a self perpetuating circular matrix. Within it’s delusion there is no beginning or end, no death, no birth, no fight or flight and no need to ever feel threatened, under fire or forced to live in a survival only mode.


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