Here we go full circle after the Spring Equinox and the full moon in Pisces we arrive at a highly emotive new beginning that is full of self fulfillment and confidence. The lens of Authenticity presents itself more clearly and we all feel so much more tuned in to our higher and divine purpose. Yet…the unsettling power of father Saturn has made it quite clear while both Venus and Mars continue to occupy top spots on the Sth and Nth Nodes which is reflective, Karma aligned to release and surrender and yes you guessed it….it’s time to face and acknowledge the dweller on the threshold, your own shadow self. So this for many listening will be the END of our interaction and it’s been fun! For others it will be the beginning of a whole new journey into the dark side as I now go deep and unabashedly into the defined order and disorder of my Doppelganger and it’s leading role in this new chapter of beginnings and self actualization. I can only hope that many of you stay….


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